Are you Using AMP Pages Yet?

Google released its AMP Pages to benefit mobile browsers simply because the number of consumers who search the web on a smartphone has exceeded those that use a computer.  The new style has had a great effect on searching engine optimization for websites that have adapted to writing webpages in the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format.


Google’s goal for creating AMP Is to make the mobile web awesome again. If you want to learn more about AMP Pages read the text below.  You’ll benefit as your website will begin to show up on mobile search results.


AMP Homepage (


Please be sure to post a comment with a link to your website so I can visit your site.  You may want to read What is SEO Content Writing and 40+ WordPress Tips for SEO.

Video on How to Get Backlinks Quickly

The video below offers a great strategy to get backlinks to your blog or website.  If you have a new site, this is the perfect way for you to get found by the search engines.  The search engines will find the link then follow them to your website.  You can also create link bait so others will link to you from their websites which will achieve the same things.