Keep & Share Content Sharing and Publishing

keep-and-share-document-sharing-platformKeep & Share is a great platform to host content for SEO and for other purposes such as collaboration on team projects or family get-togethers.  The site is indexed by Google, and probably the other search engines as well so whatever type of document you post on the site, it’ll provide you with back links from a trusted website.

In fact, I stumbled upon Keep & Share while performing research on Google.  I don’t remember what I was researching, but I remember a document about wooden chairs was in the number one spot of the SERP and it intrigued me so much, I immediately joined the site, then began learning how to use the platform’s many different apps.

Keep & Share Offers No-Follow Links

You should be aware that the Keep & Share platform provides ‘no-follow’ links which is a good thing because we’re supposed to maintain a mixture of different types of back links, so it fits in nicely with anyone’s back link profile.  The site is also a social media platform as users are able to meet other members of the site and share content and conversation with co-workers or family members.  I’ve been using it to post SEO content and it’s been serving me well.

The managers of the site are not going to interfere with you because you’re posting content with links.  Personally, I don’t insert more than 1 or 2 links in my documents as anymore than that will look spammy to the search engines and that’s who we’re supposed to watch out for.  The Internet was founded on the idea of providing links to other documents online for research and educational purposes so keep the links down to a minimum and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Image Screenshot of a Review of

What follows are different reviews of Keep & Share.  I like the site so I’m a biased and couldn’t give a legitimate review.  Below you’ll find an image with a few reviews and after that, a video, so you’ll be able to decide if the site is simply trying to scam users or if it is on the upside.

free image hosting

The content below is an embed of my ‘My Documents’ folder.  I originally wanted to test the embed feature of the website, but it turned out to be what you’re reading now.  That’s okay.  I think I like writing review blog posts as it provides a service to others seeking information on a particular website.

Video Review of

In the video below, you’ll see how Keep and Share helps users in managing projects online. When you’re able to navigate the site quickly, you’ll be able easily create the following:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • To-Do List
  • Sub modules
  • Calendars

You can share your project with team members or anyone you want to.  Sharing is totally secure and as easy as adding the email addresses of people you want to join a project.  Creating projects or assigning a task on specific dates is easy with many available predefined modules which speed up the task creation process. The interface provided by Keep and Share is awesome.

You can also bookmark interesting things and share them with your team mates.
In overall Keep&Share is very helpful and eases your requirements of collaborating things online.