Create Link Bait with Awesome Content Writing and Images

People have been linking to great content prior to the Internet’s deployment in the free world a few decades ago.  Good stuff is what motivates people to discuss and share things with friends and family.  We all enjoy a good story.  Think of the last movie that grossed 300 million dollars over the summer.  Those blockbusters are not popular by accident.  Word-of-mouth advertising is what propels great content into the stratosphere as everyone is talking about it and sometimes, it’s on the news.

Word-of-mouth isn’t called word-of-mouth any longer.  It is now called ‘sharing’.  And it is one of the reasons why the World Wide Web became an instant hit with consumers throughout the world within a few years of its debut.  That’s great news for SEO content writers because we know that people will share our content as long as it’s entertaining, poignant and hard to forget.

The image below is a good example of creating link bait which is not only shareable, but it’s unforgettable.  Especially if you are writing content for the web!  I stumbled upon the animation on a computer programming tips blog hosted on the network.  The write of that site also posted a simple java script which instantly creates a simple notepad on a website.

Animation Using Canvas