SEO Content Article Writing

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Creating articles to publish online has changed drastically in the last couple years.  SEO content article writing is no exception although it remains time consuming, but not too difficult.

The most time consuming aspect of creating search engine optimized content is in all the little things that have to be completed.  They include:

  1. Inserting your keyword in the first paragraph
  2. Inserting your keyword in a sub-heading
  3. Using your keyword in anchor text links
  4. Using your keyword in an image

This list isn’t complete, but it get the gist of it.  Your main keyword should be inserted in various locations of the document so the search engines are able to pick up on it then surmise the nature of your content.

SEO Content Article Writing is All about Keyword Placement

You must insert your main keyword in the first and last paragraphs as well as inside an image alt tag and in the name of the image.  Try not to upload an image that’s named, ‘8768picsart’.

An image with a name like that doesn’t tell the searchengines what the image is about.  You should name the image before you post it on your blog or website and you can also insert a keyword inside the image description.