Results of a Search on Google for ricoramiro

PicsArt_03-22-07.28.31I performed a search on Google for my nickname, ricoramiro then saved the first page of the SERPs which are the links you see below.  This is a living documents as it’ll change on a weekly basis as I discover more links.  I almost decided to mark this page as private, then I thought wait a minute, this isn’t spam.  This is the result of a simple research project that involved searching for a specific then publishing the results.

The research is actually just beginning.  I have to perform the search again  to record the page beyond the first page.  I have to know what links are out there with my name.  I know I inserted all of the links, but I’m sure there are a lot that I’ve forgotten.  There’s approximately 5 or 6 pages of google for the term, ricoramiro.

I may extend the project to more specific search terms such as, allintitle, allinurl and anything elese I can think of.   If you have any suggestions please post a comment below and be sure to insert a link back to your website or blog so I can visit your site.  Once I’m on your site I may visit one of your sponsors if I see something I need.

Links from a Google search for ricoramiro

ricoramiro allmyfaves
ricoramiro on github
twitter ricoramiro
bizsugar ricoramiro
ricoramiro’s storify
ricoramiro facebook
ramiro on the prose
ramiro’s youtube channel
ricoramiro on picsart
trello tasks
t-mobile support
ricoramiro on mobypicture
ramiro’s notegraphy
v7 forums
ricoramiro on flickr
ricoramiro on pikore
imgur ricoramiro
invisionpower ricoramiro
createspace ricoramiro
ricoramiro on wikimedia
ricoramiro on wordpress
ramiro’s lulu page
RamiroRodriguezPR on google plus
digitalpoint ricoramiro
resellerratings ricoramiro